Writers Retreat


‘A man to be greatly good, must imagine intensely and comprehensively; he must put himself in the place of another and of many others; the pains and pleasures of his species must become his own. The great instrument of moral good is the imagination. Poetry strengthens that faculty which is the organ of the moral nature of man in the same manner exercise strengthens a limb.’
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Writing is a means of expression and communication. Writers plant seeds. Throughout history the written word has proved ‘more powerful than the sword’.  It has brought down governments and changed the course of lives and history.

A writer is an independent, empathic thinker who understands ‘inner listening’ and the need for solitude.

A writer therefore develops a strong relationship with intuitive, imaginative thought and learns to trust this process.

There are many who long to write but who do not trust their ability and do not make the room to explore openly and honestly what it is they wish to express and how they wish to express it.

This retreat allows for such exploration.

If you long to write – perhaps you already have the bones of a literary project underway – take the time out to honour this calling and discover or hone your writing skills.

  • Uninterrupted writing time in beautiful surroundings.
  • Nature walks
  • Sharing of work
  • Discussion
  • One on one assistance
  • Morning yoga and meditation


Arrive Saturday October 29,  3 – 6pm to set up camp.
Depart Monday October 31, 3-4pm.

Bring camping gear. Meals catered.

Venue: Hillier Retreat / The Gift, Yoga Sanctuary

Cost $425 includes camp fees and catering.