The Red Dove


The Red Dove is a timeless legend that relates the story of three lands and the young warrior who unites them. The tale that weaves a dance between these lands and their numerous, colourful and sometimes tragic inhabitants, is one of adventure, and at times violence, intrigue and inspiration.

The archetypal characters of the story reach out to all of us now—connecting us with aspects of our self and all life in its many forms. It is the journey of Teilo – the warrior—the healer. A journey we must make— the journey of completion.

“You know it’s a good book when your social life is interrupting your reading—sensational.” Michelle Dorendahl


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The Red Dove is one of the most incredible books I have ever read. This book changed me on a cellular level. Each time I read it, I felt like I entered into the deep space of satsung. The teachings reached deep into my soul. I would recommend every being on the earth to read this book. I never wanted it to end.

Prem Williams

Sacred Earth Music Australia

Let me shout it from the rooftops, this is the book you’ve been waiting for! A tale to jump into, engulfed wholeheartedly! A message of discovery, awakening and wisdom you will deeply carry with you and want to share and gift with all you love!

This beautiful piece of intricately woven literature saw me entirely enraptured and waiting with baited breath for more of Gerry Hillier’s profound magic!

Geraldine Devine