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The Intelligent Heart – a window to eternity

Courses offered at The Gift, Cooran

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This Joyful Exploration of Being is about you, the individual participant, your relationship with yoga and your own creative intelligence.

2024 Calendar of Events

February 1stThursday Yoga resumes9am - 10.45am
February 6thWednesday Gentle Yoga resumes9.30am - 11.30am
March 24thEmotions and EquilibriumOne Day Retreat
April 12thCourse in Sacred LivingApril 12th - 14th
April 18th3hr Thursday Yoga9am - 12pm
May 17thWriting RetreatMay 17th - 19th
May 31stSurvival and SurrenderOne Day Retreat
June 14thCourse in Sacred LivingJune 14th - 16th
July 21stIntent and IntensityOne Day Retreat
August 16thCourse in Sacred LivingAugust 16th - 18th
August 22nd3hr Yoga Class9am - 12pm
September 13thGrace and GratitudeOne Day Retreat
October 11thCourse in Sacred LivingOctober 11th - 13th
November 7th3hr Yoga Class9am - 12pm
November 28thCourse in Sacred LivingNov 28th - Dec 3rd

The Gift (Yoga Sanctuary)

The Gift is the culmination of a dream to offer the beauty and peace, with which we have been blessed every day, to others. We hold this space of sanctuary and retreat (The Gift), as a place to which we can invite others who seek awareness and growth, healing and solace, guidance and understanding on the path to completeness.

The Gift is not a place of worship but a space of discovery. It is not a place that dictates an outcome or a set of rules. It has no name that will create separation. It is simply, like life, like nature, like love and beauty, a gift to all.

“To be powerful and joyful in this world requires we take steps to recover our ‘self’. First and foremost in the journey to self is healing.”

Gerry Hillier

To Touch The World

Books by Gerry Hillier

Gerry’s latest book, The Red Dove, is a timeless legend that relates the story of three lands and the young warrior who unites them.

Elephants on My Table by Gerry Hillier is also available for purchase.

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Oranges, Perspective and Transition

Oranges, Perspective and Transition

The following is an excerpt from a workbook I wrote for the Healing from Within workshops.   It’s not often you see an orange in the middle of the road. I was driving to work one morning quite some years ago. It was a busy time of day lots of traffic, and...

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Poems ... by Gerry HillierWhat Do I Know What do I know –all the things I think about;so much means nothingand so much enlivens my being. How many times I feel blessed;you and I talking in the late afternoon;people who come to me from different storiesshare their...

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Just Being

Just Being

Just BeingLet’s talk about how you’re feeling. Are you relaxed, enjoying life, your work, relationships, good health. Are you calm, carefree, breathing in each moment – so grateful to witness the miracle that we call life? Does life seem an ever-changing horizon...

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