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Workshops offered at The Gift

All of the following workshops are offered at The Gift.
They may also be booked by a group for a specific time.

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Womens Theatre Workshop

Come Play with Me


Another joy on the calendar. I am very much looking forward to once more offering a Women’s Theatre Programme and am calling for expressions of interest in being part of this project.

As some of you live a distance from Cooran, I propose to begin with one weekend workshop followed by two one day workshops a series of rehearsals and performance. The rehearsal schedule will be decided at the second workshop.

October Weekend Workshop – An immersion in Movement, Communication, Feeling and Expression. $325

November Workshop 2 – one day – exploring Character, Relationship and Storylines $120

November Workshop 3 – one day Workshopping Concepts $120

Rehearsals commence January 2022 Performance April    N.B. Rehearsals no fee  

Contact:  0437 312 039 (please text)

Play with joy in your heart and let it expand
Become infectious in this world
Viral joy –
the panacea to all that ails
not just a song and dance
of tired platitudes
Give your suffering bananas
and quiet the monkey mind
come play with me
the joy of movement
the joy of stillness
the joy of connection
the joy of solitude
dance, sing, pray, play
be conscious

I want to dissolve
in the movement of my soul
complete in the rising and falling;
when the tide of this dance
moves across the space
of my being.

I want to dissolve
In the movement of my soul
visible only
to these sacred eyes;
to let the body of me succumb
surrendered at last
to that which aches its destiny;
strong without illusion
a blinding vision.
Rain blesses the earth of me.

This Body of Movement—Yoga, Movement & Dance


Movement is more than physical accomplishment. It integrates intellect, emotions, the physical body and the spirit.

Freedom of movement allows for mental and emotional freedom.

Movement invites us to know our self and the rhythm of creation within us.

Movement can be an intrusion into a space or an awareness of space and vibration. It can be connected or disconnected from what surrounds it.

Exploration and Inquiry:

  • Reprogramming the body through movement.
  • Movement as expression, voice and healing.
  • Movement as devotion.
  • Form and movement
  • Formlessness and movement
  • The body of all – seen and unseen
  • This surrendered form.

Morning yoga and meditation

Yoga Dance

A Celebration of Spring

The Intelligent Heart, a Window to Eternity

The Intelligent Heart is a course comprising of five workshops that have their origin in the book The Red Dove—an inspirational story of the journey to completion.

It sees the heart as intelligence—a mind that can direct the course of enlightened living.

This ‘mind’ understands that love is the basis of living and this love encompasses beauty, devotion, reverence and compassion—in essence, sacred living.

When combined with the will of brain and gut ‘mind’ the heart ‘mind’ becomes a compassionate impetus that manifests our deepest longing and becomes a powerful force in the world.

Activities Include:

  • Intuitive art & writing (may include textile art – eco dyeing and ceramics)
  • Creating a heart journal
  • Yoga (modified to suit individuals) & expressive movement
  • Silence, contemplation & stillness


Workshop 1

  • The Heart—physical/metaphysical
  • The gateway to spiritual liberation
  • Opening our pathway to heart intelligence

Workshop 4

  • The weeping, compassionate heart
  • Offering and devotion
  • Ritual and symbolism—the sacred space

Workshop 2

  • Healing the wounded heart
  • Enabling healing
  • Being finished with past emotional injury
  • Emotional release

Workshop 5

  • The surrendered heart of humility
  • Reverence and gratitude
  • When all is one

Workshop 3

  • The expressive, intuitive heart
  • Understanding the heart’s desire
  • Creativity as a means of understanding heart intelligence

An Exploration of Yoga as Daily Practice

Yoga is not a struggle to achieve, an exercise programme, contortionism, aerobics or core strength.

Yoga is a way of living in the world.

It incorporates practices in awareness, not only of the physical aspect of being but the nature of the mind – thoughts and emotions.

Yoga postures (asanas) are one of these practices.

The practice of Yoga invites us

  • to be present to breath, feeling and sensation—to discover and explore the subtleness of yoga postures.
  • to develop a deeper awareness of self
  • to enter into a space of inner stillness and calm

This six-week course incorporates the practices of Yoga. It is perfect for a beginner and yet suitable for anyone who wish to deepen their yoga practice.

Healing From Within

This is a series of workshops or one three-day retreat focused on healing—emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We are all human and there are times when we become unwell—lose our equilibrium – emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally. This is an ideal workshop for managing stress, anxiety, depression and illness by utilising our inner stillness, wisdom and strength.

Deep healing on any level of our body can only be achieved through an understanding of our inherent wholeness. How can we bring ourselves to wholeness when we do not truly understand what it is?

Each session offers skills and techniques to assist healing on a deeper level incorporating the following:

  • The breath as a healing tool
  • Gentle yoga for health and well being
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • The body mind connection
  • The energetic body—releasing blockages and replenishing life force
  • Intuitive body scans
  • Visualization, affirmation and prayer
  • Positive living skills

Learn how to nurture yourself, to open your body and mind and become free and joyful. Discover and utilise your inner stillness, wisdom and strength.

  • What Inhibits My Life – Where Am I Stuck?
  • Living Choice—Living Death
  • Identifying Loss
  • Reclaiming Power & Vitality
  • 7 Steps of Commitment
  • The Responsibility of Change
  • When Healing Is
  • What Love Has to do With It
  • An Open Heart is a Healed Heart

Expressing Spirituality

A weekend retreat incorporating

  • inspirational writing and art
  • developing sacred ritual
  • intuitive intelligence
  • contemplation, prayer and devotion

This workshop offers a space for those who wish to share their spirituality with like-minded others so that we may all be enriched by each other’s heart-felt contributions

Women’s Theatre

A combination of drama, movement, mime, story-telling, art and deep contemplation.

This workshop can be a one-off weekend of creative play or a weekly workshop culminating in performance.

It is powerful in removing inhibitions and barriers that restrict one from living as a wonderful creative self.

The Red Dove Teachings

Although not a workshop as such, these teachings, based on the book,
The Red Dove, comprise of a series of undertakings to prepare us physically, mentally and spiritually.

We all desire happiness, wisdom, contentment, love and joyful existence. We want this and yet we do not prepare for this to be our reality.

The Red Dove Teachings comprise 52 lessons in living a grace-filled, miraculous life.

They will be offered at The Gift in 2019

An Exploration of Daily Practice

‘In this heart of practiced being, I fall away, no longer necessary’

An often heard comment, “I make a commitment to a daily practice but it never lasts”.

Question: To what/whom have you made your commitment? Why have you made this commitment? Is it truth-based in you?

This workshop answers these questions and more.

Gentle Exploration and Inquiry:

  • What sustains you?
  • What ritual/practice resonates deeply in you?
  • What is your understanding of prayer and devotion?
  • What are your obstacles to practice and how can you move beyond them?
  • How to align your practice with truth

I did not know I was unseen
among the shadows;

that the light of me
was but a flicker
against the dark.

And now, radiant I stand
before an endless sky


Emergence is about stepping out of yourself, shedding stale skin and becoming visible again.
We, the courageous one, the warriors, the mystics, need to emerge.
We serve no one when we remain unseen and unsure.

Gentle exploration and inquiry:

The nature of courage, resilience, trust and surrender.

Powerful living, creativity, genuine love and compassion.


  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • Creative expression exploring different mediums
  • Nature walks
  • Campfire celebrations

Love changes your body;

creates joyful pathways in your brain;

softens your face;

removes the stubbornness from your muscles

and sends rivers of gratitude through your nerves and veins.

Love makes your heart beat strong and steadfast in compassion;

lets your lungs welcome your breath as food;

ignites a gentle yet powerful fire in the centre of your core.

Love blends both feminine and masculine, so they may dance as one;

puts purpose in your steps,

gentleness in your hands

and light in your eyes.

Why are you not in love now?

It will not come to you wrapped in tissue and promises;

those promises will fade.

Love awaits you;

awaits your recognition;

awaits your willingness to allow its governance in you.

Create your perfect body as you will

but a body without love at the core of all its doing,

a body that does not know tender, divine love as its sustenance,

is a body deprived of joy.


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