Yoga-based Training

A Course in Sacred Living

Having received feedback from people wanting to attend the Sacred Living course that they have difficulty committing to a full year of workshops, I am now offering it as 3 x 3 day retreats and 1 x 5 day retreat in the hope that this makes it more accessible.

The course will commence in April.

Love and Blessings,


A Course in Sacred Living - 2024

This training in sacred living enables us to discover within, our innate intuitive intelligence, and how to use this intelligence to enable others to open pathways to understanding and healing.

A yoga-based training incorporating ritual, creative expression, yoga training and movment, meditation, journal writing, storytelling, dancing, singing, mandala art, textile art, sound healing. Times of sharing and laughter, solutude and silence.

Dancing barefoot in Spring, Singing the golden joy of Summer, Telling stories around Autumn fires, Weaving shawls in the depths of Winter.

N.B.     This Yoga-based training is not a yoga teachers’ training, but it will equip participants with the skills to teach. It includes:


  • The Five strands of Existence
  • Asana
  • Movement patterns
  • Body Intelligence
  • Intuitive Intelligence
  • Breath and Energy
  • The Chakra Journey
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga—Ethical Being
  • Meditation and Relaxation

Creative Expression

  • intuitive movement and voice
  • mandala art
  • journalling
  • textile art
  • ritual and prayer

Please note in order to maintain a personal, intimate experience numbers will be limited—book early to avoid disappointment.

If you wish to discuss the course further, please text – 0437 312 039 to arrange a time for a chat.

About the Course:

About the Workshops

Let us follow the seasons, allowing our nature once more to belong, and be guided by, the Greater Nature that is Creation.

There will be times of sharing and laughter, times of solitude and silence – marking the journey with our prayers, our letters to self, our times of gratitude and reverence. Making our life Sacred by our living of it. Discovering the Blessing of true Abundance.

As with any path, the course has continued to evolve as my own understanding moves into new places within. So let us begin this journey together – the journey to Sacred Living – an adventure – a crazy, courageous adventure – away from the comfort of our daily life. Let’s take all our experiences and play with them – watch all our myths unravel and disappear.

A Course in Sacred Living is about you, the individual participant, your relationship with yoga, with life, and with your own creative intelligence.

It is primarily an exploration of the Self aimed at offering a platform from which you can make your own discoveries and from which you can expand and seek your own path, which may include teaching.

In this Yoga there are no levels – it is simply an open, even ground of exploration and discovery. It is of no concern if you cannot execute all the yoga postures because of injury or limited flexibility.

First, and foremost, is the experience of Self-Awareness. Without a genuine knowing of the Self, we cannot create the space for others to know themselves. Ultimately, the essence of sharing is enabling our self to discover within, our innate intuitive intelligence, and to use this intelligence to enable others to open pathways to understanding and healing.

A key component of this course is creativity and exploring different mediums of creative expression.

PRE-REQUISITE: Sacred Living is only open to those who are sincere in their commitment to living with awareness. It offers a stable ground from which to grow and expand in life and evolve in our capacity as students or teachers of yoga.

It is designed to equip participants with a firm knowledge of yoga (from a movement and meditation perspective and the application of the yoga philosophy to our living) if they should decide to pursue yoga teaching as a vocation.

Teaching practicums are part of the course.

April 12 - 14: Modules 1 & 2


  • Requirements & Agreement
  • The Way We Learn
  • Yoga, Creativity, Intuitive Intelligence as the basis of learning and living
  • Creation/Birth
  • Security & Stability           Support & Survival
  • Breath – How we breathe – Exploring the Breathing Process
  • The Gift of Life and Prana
  • The breath as messenger
  • How we move
  • Exploring Connection, Earth, Tribe, Creation, Life
  • Breath in relation to
    – movement
    – alignment
    – steadiness
  • Creating stable foundations


  • Understanding Self – Identity
  • Separation and Relationship
  • Our inherent Creativity
  • Exploring Emotion
  • Ethical Living
  • Bring Awareness to the neutral space
  • Sequencing movement from a stable support
  • Opening hips and pelvis
  • Exploring the fluid body
  • Movement from fluid-based support
  • Movement from the neutral space
June 14 - 16: Modules 3 & 4


  • The Ego
  • Self-personality
  • Applying will and discernment
  • Perseverance, Resilience and Self-reliance
  • Energy – what depletes and what supports our energetic system
  • Containment
  • The body’s centre – lines of energy
  • The vital core – exploring organs and organ-based movement


  • Beyond Instinct and survival
  • The story of the heart
  • Head versus heart
  • The nature of loss and grief
  • Understanding nurture
  • Movement as nurture
  • Yoga from the heart
  • Exploring healing practices
  • The ethic of non-harm
  • Love, forgiveness, empathy and compassion
August 18 - 20: Modules 5 & 6


  • Self-expression
  • Communication
  • Judgement, observation, discernment and discrimination
  • Honesty
  • Exploring sound and voice
  • Connecting movement, dance and stillness
  • Sound and movement as healing
  • Sound and movement as therapy


  • The mind
  • Perception and knowledge
  • Non-grasping – detachment
  • Intuition and Wisdom
  • Imagination as the messenger
  • the senses
  • The meditative process
  • Personal practice
  • Prayer and Devotion.
November 28 - December 2: Module 7


  • Putting it all together
  • This Spiritual Life
  • Sacred Living
  • Surrender, Gratitude – Giving back
  • Celebration

About Gerry

Gerry Hillier has worked as a yoga teacher, drama and creative expression facilitator, script writer and director for the past 37 years. During that time, she has regularly conducted yoga workshops and training, devised drama programmes, and scripted and directed theatrical productions.

Gerry has also worked extensively with youth, women, indigenous communities and people with physical and mental disabilities and mental illness.

Gerry combines her understanding of creative expression with the philosophy of yogic tradition to bring together a dynamic series of workshops to facilitate self-inquiry and discovery. She promotes dramatic art, creative expression, movement, meditation and relaxation as ways of personal development and inner stillness, and mediums for participants to explore their own issues and concerns, their relationships and their behaviours in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Gerry is also a writer and author. She lives in Queensland Australia.

yoga training with gerry