A Course in Sacred Living


February til November 2024

The course will be conducted over a ten-month period in beautiful surroundings. It consists of seven modules. We meet every month – one weekend workshop alternated with a one-day workshop. A 7-day retreat will be included in the programme.

N.B.     This Yoga-based training is not a yoga teachers’ training, but it will equip participants with the skills to teach. It includes:


  • The Five strands of Existence
  • Asana
  • Movement patterns
  • Body Intelligence
  • Intuitive Intelligence
  • Breath and Energy
  • The Chakra Journey
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga—Ethical Being
  • Meditation and Relaxation

Creative Expression

  • intuitive movement and voice
  • mandala art
  • journalling
  • textile art
  • ritual and prayer

Location: The Gift Yoga Sanctuary & Hillier Retreat, 234 Arthys Road Cooran (Adjacent to Hillier Retreat)

Cost $4900

Please note in order to maintain a personal, intimate experience numbers will be limited—book early to avoid disappointment.
Payment options available.

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A Course in Sacred Living is about you, the individual participant, your relationship with yoga, with life, and with your own creative intelligence.

It is primarily an exploration of the Self aimed at offering a platform from which you can make your own discoveries and from which you can expand and seek your own path, which may include teaching.

In this Yoga there are no levels – it is simply an open, even ground of exploration and discovery. It is of no concern if you cannot execute all the yoga postures because of injury or limited flexibility.

First, and foremost, is the experience of Self-Awareness. Without a genuine knowing of the Self, we cannot create the space for others to know themselves. Ultimately, the essence of sharing is enabling our self to discover within, our innate intuitive intelligence, and to use this intelligence to enable others to open pathways to understanding and healing.

A key component of this course is creativity and exploring different mediums of creative expression.

Additional information


A Course in Sacred Living will commence February 2024. This course was formally named The Creative Spirit of Yoga. It has now been given a fine tune and a new name. I am passionate about sharing this series of workshops with others – giving back what I have been given in the thirty-seven years I have been teaching.
It is always a privilege to witness others discovering their creative flow, letting go of their struggles and embracing life as the precious gift it is.
As with any path, the course has continued to evolve as my own understanding moves into new places within.
So let us begin this journey together – the journey to Sacred Living – an adventure – a crazy, courageous adventure – away from the comfort of our daily life. Let’s take all our experiences and play with them – watch all our myths unravel and disappear.
One whole year of following the seasons, allowing our nature once more to belong, and be guided by, the Greater Nature that is Creation. A year of yoga training and movement, meditation, rituals, journalling, storytelling, dancing, singing, mandala art, textile art, sound healing and exploring our creativity. Times of sharing and laughter, solitude and silence.
Dancing barefoot in Spring, Singing the golden joy of Summer, Telling stories around Autumn fires, Weaving shawls in the depths of Winter.
One year – marking the journey with our prayers, our letters home, our times of gratitude and reverence. Making our life Sacred by our living of it. Discovering the Blessing of true Abundance.
Pre-requisite: Sacred Living is only open to those who are sincere in their commitment to living with awareness. It offers a stable ground from which to grow and expand in life and evolve in our capacity as students or teachers of yoga. It is designed to equip participants with a firm knowledge of yoga (from a movement and meditation perspective and the application of the yoga philosophy to our living) if they should decide to pursue yoga teaching as a vocation. Teaching practicums are part of the course.